13 aoû 16
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Global Fleet Conference 2016: Learn about IFRS and regulatory changes

Understanding the impact of the new lease accounting standard on global fleet management

Join us on Tuesday 7 June to attend a session about the upcoming introduction of the new lease accounting standard. Together with Norman Din, Vice President of Strategic Sales of Wheels, we will  unravel the major changes of this new lease accounting standard and its impact on efficiency in global fleet management.

Norman Din joined the Wheels Management team in 2004. As Vice President of Strategic Sales, he has both business development and client relations responsibilities and serves as the company’s primary corporate liaison with its strategic global partner, ALD Automotive. Norman’s background includes global experience in the outsourcing of end-to-end business processes such as fleet leasing and management, finance and accounting, human resources and technology.

The 2016 edition of the Global Fleet Conference takes place from 6 to 8 June in Brussels. Discover the programme and registration details.

Authored by: Céline Gilson