13 mai 19
Fil d'Actus

Mexico seeks to increase car exports to Brazil

To stimulate automobile trade from Mexico to Brazil following the ACE 55 free trade agreement which was initiated in March, Mexico’s foreign trade council (COMCE) will soon schedule its first meeting, according to the country’s ambassador in Brazil José Ignacio Piña.

To help balance out Mexico’s current trade deficit with Brazil, the ambassador has recently held meetings with the leaders of Mexican companies who have investments in Brazil, focusing on flourishing their presence there.

“It's a topic of focus, not only at the Mexican Embassy, but also at the consulates in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro." The ambassador was quoted as saying by local paper El Sol de Mexico.

Overall, Mexican companies have some US$30bn in private investment in Brazil, the paper said.

While the best-selling automobile brand in Brazil is General Motors, Mexico’s top seller is Nissan.

Authored by: Daniel Bland