14 fév 19
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Washington wants 100% electric fleets

Washington – the West-Coast state, not the U.S. federal capital – wants to force public fleets to buy only EVs. The proposal would oblige state, county, city, district, college and university administrations to electrify their fleets over the next eight years. 

All new passenger vehicles acquired by these fleets would have to be electric by model year 2023. The same would apply for all light-duty vehicles by 2025 (with medium-duty and heavy-duty to follow in 2026 and 2027, respectively).

OEMs have long urged states with zero-emission mandates to do more to support electrification. Despite previous incentives and current targets – 50% EVs by 2020, for example – EVs comprise less than 1% of the public fleet in Washington state (pictured: Seattle).

Authored by: Frank Jacobs