15 fév 23
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Tesla to open EV charging network amid new US legislation

Tesla to transform EV charging network amid new US legislation

The US electric vehicle (EV) charger network looks like it will be getting a major facelift, following new US legislation announced Wednesday (15 February) which seeks nationally built chargers with 55% of cost coming from US made components by 2024 under a $7.5bn federal program.

To benefit from the federal funding, companies must also adopt the dominant US standard for charging connectors known as Combined Charging System (CCS), and use standardized payment options that are smartphone-friendly.

With this, drivers across the nation will gain access to a growing national network of EV charging stations, and this includes Tesla SuperChargers which boasts the largest high-speed charging system in the country.

Tesla plans to adopt the CCS standard and expand beyond its proprietary connectors, opening part of its US charging network to EVs made by rivals, according to the administration of US President Joe Biden. 

The EV automaker will open 3,500 new and existing superchargers along highway corridors, as well as 4,000 slower chargers at locations like hotels and restaurants, to non-Tesla customers, says the administration.

Photo: Tesla charging station (copyright: Shutterstock)

Authored by: Daniel Bland