4 jan 23
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US utilities law benefiting EV implementation in California

US utilities law benefiting EV implementation in California

Electric vehicle (EV) usage can help reduce energy bills and this looks to be happening in California, according to data from three local utilities.

In most of the United States, energy grids are operated by private businesses, but they are treated as a vital public service so they are subject to strict controls aimed at protecting public interest, according to business news service Market Watch.

In California, EV usage under Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and Sempre-owned San Diego Gas & Electric has contributed to some $1.7 billion more in revenues than associated costs in the last ten years, reported clean energy news portal Clean Technica.

Basically, when utilities make more money, the law requires them to pass some of that profit onto their customers through rate cuts. 

In related news, if most drivers in the neighboring state of Nevada went electric, the average electricity bill would fall by $123 per year, the report stated a local study as saying. 

Although this is may not seem much, it could result in a considerable savings for companies with thousands of vehicles with large electricity bills.

photo: transmission tower (source: Shutterstock)

Authored by: Daniel Bland