16 avr 18
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Nigeria has new solution to boost fleet management

Image of Lagos, Nigeria courtesy of Shutterstock

Nigeria-based Concept Nova, the IT company behind innovations such as vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, load sensors and auto safety glass, has launched a fleet management solution.

FleeTrak Fleet Management Application (FleeTrak FMA) can manage a range of fleet sizes between 5 and 5,000 vehicles. 

It provides transparency into fleet costs and visibility into maintenance, vendor management, documentation and fuel consumption, alongside the lifespan efficiency of vehicle parts. 

The challenges of fleet management in Nigeria

Managing fleets in Nigeria has been characterised by dishonest practices, such as over charging on expenses and fuel, vehicle theft and basic mismanagement. FleeTrak FMA has been designed from the ground up to resolve these issues and help organisations reduce costs while getting optimum use out of their fleet assets. 

Concept Nova has been at the forefront of fleet management technology in Nigeria for over two decades.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway