15 sep 23
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ORCODA and Koala Cars Partner for Revolutionary Car Rental and Sharing Experience

ORCODA and Koala Cars Partner for Revolutionary Car Rental and Sharing Experience

ORCODA, a provider of innovative fleet management solutions in Australia, has officially inked an agreement with S & N Bennett Investments Pty Ltd, the proprietors of Koala Cars, one of Australia's foremost car rental companies. 

This collaboration is set to commence with a dynamic six-week trial of ORCODA RENTAL CONNECT, a groundbreaking mobile application engineered to offer a streamlined, entirely digital, all-in-one solution for booking vehicles, processing payments, signing customer agreements, pinpointing vehicle locations, and remotely starting the engine – all from within the app. The venture promises to revolutionise operational efficiency, reduce administrative overheads, elevate the customer experience, and optimise vehicle utilisation for Koala Cars.

ORCODA RENTAL CONNECT brings various features to digital fleet management, encompassing real-time vehicle tracking, immobilisation, maintenance scheduling, automated check-in/check-out procedures, smart contracts, blockchain capabilities, and customisable reporting. The forthcoming trial with Koala Cars represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of ORCODA's technology, with the potential for ORCODA RENTAL CONNECT to be seamlessly integrated into Koala Cars' expansive fleet, comprising over 1,000 vehicles.

Potential for growth and innovation in car sharing

Geoff Jamieson, the Managing Director of ORCODA, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to be working with Koala Cars for this trial of ORCODA RENTAL CONNECT. The car rental, long-term rental and car-sharing markets in Australia and internationally are vast and dynamic. This trial could be the start of something significant for both our organisations and we are excited about the potential for growth and innovation that it brings."

Steve Bennett, Director of Koala Cars, echoed the sentiment, proclaiming, "ORCODA RENTAL CONNECT is a fantastic application that we believe will help us optimise and manage our extensive car rental fleet effectively. We look forward to evaluating its performance during the trial and broader implementation across our fleet. Furthermore, I believe that ORCODA RENTAL CONNECT will have widespread appeal to many other rental car operators seeking to enhance their operations."


Authored by: Alison Pittaway