1 mar 23
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Parkopedia to offer in-vehicle parking and charging solutions for Simplenight

Parkopedia to offer in-vehicle parking and charging solutions for Simplenight

Connected car services provider Parkopedia has partnered with global technology company Simplenight to provide drivers with advanced in-vehicle parking, charging and payment options. 

Simplenight, a global enterprise booking platform, offers innovative enterprise solutions, including customisable booking and cloud-based distribution. Companies can employ Simplenight's services to establish real-time booking options in various categories, including parking and accommodation. Through the partnership, Simplenight will use Parkopedia's global parking data to improve in-vehicle parking and payment options, enabling drivers to reserve and pay for parking spaces within their vehicles. 

Through its universal API, Simplenight enables companies to customise their solutions, thus bypassing the process of adding connected services to vehicles. Instead, Simplenight integrates into OEM infotainment and navigation systems, as well as mobile applications and voice assistants. 

Parkopedia's Park and Charge solution will be helpful for electric vehicle (EV) owners as it combines an in-car Payment Platform with a global database of parking and charging locations. Thus, Parkopedia aims to offer drivers a more integrated and user-friendly parking, charging and payment experience. 

Parkopedia partnered with Amazon last year to provide voice-enabled parking assistance to over 50 million Americans through Amazon Alexa Skills. Parkopedia'a database is crucial for in-vehicle parking services, enabling drivers to see on and off-street locations. 

Image: Parkopedia

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen