14 jan 21

Continental brings 3D car navigation to CES 2021

On this final day of CES 2021, we again look at five remarkable new mobility products that were unveiled at this year’s show. Improved EV routing, more advanced HUDs, a new electric van – there’s something to suit all tastes.

HERE Technologies makes EV routing more seamless and personalised

Getting EVs from A to B while minimising the number of charging stops and optimising battery charging times, that’s what HERE Technologies intends to do with its EV Routing platform. The system allows EV drivers to plan trips and charging stops to take into account both static and dynamic data.

With this system, HERE hopes to do something about range anxiety, which remains a key concern for many drivers.

EV Routing takes into account topography, road geometry, real time traffic information and traffic patterns when planning trips. It can be synced to the consumption model of the vehicle and adjusted to different driving styles.

Continental, HERE and Leia Inc create natural 3D car navigation

In a joint effort, Continental, HERE Technologies and Leia Inc developed a 3D navigation system for vehicle cockpits. HERE’s 3D depiction of buildings and topography are displayed in Continental’s Natural 3D display with Leia’s Lightfield technology.

By combining these three technologies, 3D maps can be visualised without the need for adaptive eyewear or an eye-tracking sensor. The 3D effect is even visible from different angles, allowing both the driver and passengers to see what’s being projected.

Panasonic: augmented reality HUD

Panasonic introduced a new augmented reality head-up display that can render near-field and far-field content for vehicle information (like speed), object and pedestrian detection and mapping/route guidance, giving the driver a seamless, more engaged and informed driver experience.

The system takes into account road vibration by using a proprietary camera image stabilisation algorithm to ensure the HUD’s graphics line up with the road, even when that road gets bouncy. Panasonic’s eye-tracking technology also ensures there can be no mismatch between the driver’s line of sight and the projected graphics when the driver moves their head.

DriveU.auto for teleoperation of autonomous vehicles

DriveU.auto announced it has been named a CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category for its Autonomous Vehicle Teleoperation Connectivity Platform.

DriveU.auto provides a software-based connectivity platform for teleoperation of autonomous vehicles using cellular bonding (using more than one cellular network at the same time) and dynamic encoding. The platform is already deployed and used live on public roads. It provides high speed, low latency, and ultra-reliable transmission of 4k video, audio streams, high-speed data and control channels, and is available with hardware or as a software-only implementation.

Cenntro Automotive: all-electric delivery van with 350-km range

Cenntro Automotive unveiled its Class 4 all-electric delivery van, specifically designed for the last-mile urban delivery market. The CityPorter offers a range of about 350km on a single charge, has a payload of 2,500kg and a top speed of just under 100km/h.

The CityPorter will also be equipped with telematics. To support the launch of the CityPorter, Cenntro plans to expand its infrastructure in both the US and Europe and work directly with fleets.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck