8 oct 19

Mobileye to promote Smart Mobility at Fenatran São Paulo

Mobileye, an Intel Company will be promoting its Smart Mobility for Smart Fleet offerings at the international transport and logistics trade fair, Fenatran in Brazil, October 14-18.
Mobileye’s vision-based advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) provide real-time alerts for collision prevention and mitigation. At the show, the company will be promoting its entire range of retrofit collision avoidance technologies suitable for almost any fleet vehicle.  You can find Mobileye’s booth in the New Mobility space at stand #E269.
To cut down on accidents, Mobileye’s collision prevention system helps drivers by acting as a "third eye", constantly monitoring the road ahead of the vehicle. It identifies specific and potentially dangerous situations, providing audible and visual alerts to help drivers prevent or mitigate incidents of accidents.
These real-time alerts not only prevent accidents and reduce collision costs but can also be used to improve driver behavior. With the integration of a Fleet Management System, fleet managers can gain deeper insight into their drivers’ experience on the road.  For example. data from these combined systems give fleet managers the ability, to view driver alert data, allowing the ability to reward good driver behaviour and support drivers who need more assistance.
Warnings allow drivers to take pre-emptive action, so they naturally start adopting safer driving habits.
During Fenatran, Latin America Director Ernesto Pesochinsky will give an in-depth session about Smart Mobility for Smart Fleets: Collision Avoidance Beyond Safety, at the New Mobility Stage, 4pm October 15th.
“If you can alert a driver two seconds before a potential accident, you can avoid nearly all accidents. …meaning nearly 90% of collisions happening today can be avoided,” says Mr. Pesochinsky.

And what did the Winslow Group in Australia say after implementing Mobileye technologies?
“In the past, we were increasingly facing more vehicle accidents on roads. However, since the Mobileye program started, we have had zero collisions with the newly equipped vehicles and this is something which has also had a positive effect on driver behaviour,” says the company.
Although drivers of Mobileye-equipped vehicles needed a little time to adjust to the collision avoidance system alerts, they were soon practicing safer driving habits, the company said.
Fenatran will be taking place at the São Paulo Expo Center, from 14-18 October. Don’t forget to attend Mr. Pesochinsky’s talk and to stop by the Mobileye booth while you are there. And remember to drive carefully!