14 sep 21

Geotab message to Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year candidates

During the Fleet LatAm Conference on 21 September, the first-ever Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year will be announced, something that would not be possible without the support of the Awards Sponsor, Geotab

Speaking on behalf of the multinational telematics firm in this interview is Eduardo Canicoba (pictured) who is AVP for business development in Latin America as well as Brazil country lead.  

Currently in Mexico City but scheduled to be stationed out of Brazil at the start of 2022, Mr. Canicoba will be leading a staff of some 10 people in the city of Sao Paulo, Latin America’s largest city and the region’s economic hub. 

To find out who the winner of the award is, and for more insight and networking in the region, join us at the event. You may register for free here.
First of all, could you give us your opinion on how fleet management in Latin America is different than other regions of the world? 

Canicoba: For one, being green and sustainable in Latin America is becoming more popular but it is not as much as a priority as we see in other regions like Europe. In Latam, telematics is more common for tracking driver performance and making sure they are complying to company policy. Are they speeding or committing harsh acceleration and braking? 

Other key concerns of fleet managers in the region include those related to safety and security, vehicle maintenance management and other operational efficiency issues which support the reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO). 

And how does Geotab support these needs? 
For driver management and safety & security, we see that fleet managers like to know who their best and worst drivers are and then give their top drivers some type of award.  

We can set up a point system where, for example, drivers get 10 points for never driving faster than 100kph or they can get points subtracted if they are caught speeding. Our scoring card system is called “Watchdog Reports”. 

We can also support by making sure drivers are using their seatbelts and fleet managers can further enhance safety by having them make a vehicle security check before turning on their car. On occasions, it has happened in small towns where kids are hiding under or behind cars, an accident waiting to happen. 

In terms of maintenance, we help fleet managers with predictive maintenance. For instance, they should know when their batteries will die before it occurs. They need to know when tires and oil need changing and they need to be immediately notified when the “Check Engine” light turns on. 

Unfortunately, oil and fuel theft does occur in some fleets, and we have tools to make sure vehicles are being filled up appropriately. Moreover, the security of drivers and cargo must be assured as assaults also occur in fleet.  

In the end, fleet managers need to know the cost of not doing the right thing as this all effects TCO. We want to help them mitigate risks and reduce costs. 

I'd first like to thank Geotab for supporting us in awarding the Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year 2021. With that said, what are you hoping to see from the finalist of the award?   

Canicoba: I want to see fleet managers looking for solutions way beyond GPS. I want to see them looking to integrate other software such as ERP solutions.  

I also want to see the need for hardware solutions such as cameras that monitor a driver who may be falling asleep or the condition of the road ahead or maybe even sensors measuring temperature and other parameters.  

Geotab is an IOT and telematics platform that operates with Big Data (40 billion data points per day) so we want to see projects where a lot of data is collected.  

What I want to know is what kind of reports they are making, for instance those related to idle fleet, fuel consumption, and driver management, and then find out what kinds of decisions they are making to improve their operations. 

The finalists: Claudia Roa Fragoso (Shermin Williams Company), David Trujillo (MSD), and Mariana Sonobe Costa Lins (Syngenta) top row, and Paula Diniz Oliveira (Zoetis), and Tania Mijas
(Genentech) bottom row.

As a last note, what message do you have for the companies and their representatives competing for the award?  

Canicoba: Big Data and telematics are important in fleet management. Telematics is not Google Maps or GPS.  Really pay attention to data and invest in it as it will result in a return on investment.  It will help you and your company be more sustainable, more efficient, and safer, and thus leveraging your capacity. 

Finally, EV is coming with the growing support of the public sector. The transition may not be as quick in Latin America but prepare for a massive transition. All companies should look into this technology as it will bring benefits to your operations in the long run.   
Top Photo: Eduardo Canicoba (source: handout)

Authored by: Daniel Bland