10 sep 21
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Lightning eMotors and ABB partner to provide fast charging for commercial fleets

A Lightning Energy/ABB ultra-fast DC EV charger for commercial fleets

Colorado, USA-based provider of commercial electric vehicles Lightning eMotors and global technology company ABB have partnered up to provide DC fast charging for commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleets.

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ABB’s high-output 20kW to 350kW DC fast chargers will be sold through and branded via Lightning Energy, a division of Lightning eMotors. The fully interoperable DC fast chargers are equipped with connectivity to enable remote services and are compatible with every fleet charging system.

“Commercial fleets must have a seamless experience from vehicle to charger to meet their financial targets and sustainability goals,” said Bob Stojanovic, director of ABB’s e-mobility business in North America.

ABB partners with vehicle OEMs, charging networks, fleet operators, and power utilities to accelerate deployment of EVs across all modes of transportation.

Image of a Lightning Energy/ABB DC fast charger and commercial electric vehicle, courtesy of Lightning eMotors.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway